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Siblings come with major health benefits and wellness perks.  Life with siblings can be great.  Yes, there are many times you feel like throttling your sister or brother, but in the next instance, you share a fun game.  Even grown-up siblings can drive each other bonkers and then get along just fine.

Research shows that growing up with a brother or sister, or more than one of each; actually have an impact on our health.  Here are some reasons why your siblings can make you a happier, healthier and better human being.

7 Ways your siblings can influence your life positively by just being your brother or sister:

  1. Having a brother or sister can make you more selfless; research indicates that having a sibling may help in developing sympathy with others. In a sibling relationship, you rely on each other for sibling affection and support.
  2. They can give you a mental health boost; especially sisters seem to give siblings improved mental health. Having a sister, no matter what the age difference, can protect you from feeling lonely, unloved, guilty, fearful and self-conscious.  Even when you are fighting you learn, for instance, controlling your emotions.
  3. Brothers and sisters make us happier; a sibling bond means a lifetime of emotional support, friendship and lots of major benefits later in life. A good relationship between brothers and sisters can lead to happiness later in life as well as a higher sense of morale.
  4. Hanging out with your brothers and sisters may reduce stress; Research shows that when you spend time with your loved ones, it will help reduce stress levels. Siblings can especially help protect you from negativity and the effects of stress when you are still kids.
  5. Siblings can help you keep physically fit; family and friends can help you stay active.
  6. Eldest siblings will naturally grow to be more responsible, while the youngest will grow up to be funny and more adventurous. Middle siblings learn to be good peacemakers.
  7. Siblings could help you to live longer; this could be because family and friends serve as a support when you are at risk, either physically or mentally. Keeping a strong connection with our siblings might help us live a happier, healthier and longer life.

You should thank your sibling for providing lifelong fun, laughter and a longer life.…

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