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Category: General Tips On Living Happy

You have heard it all before; stop doing the things that are bad for you, and start doing the healthier ones, it will only be for your own benefit?  The saying goes: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  That is definitely true.  But how do you start and keep doing it?

The simpler, the better.  This is no secret.  The simplest things, mostly the things you already know, are often the best to start with.

Tips for living a happier, healthier life, without stressing about new choices

Eating “primarily”:  The best idea is to eat a diet based on the foods that have been eaten for the longest time on this planet.  Our bodies evolve and adapt themselves to the foods eaten.  A primal diet will be made up of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, and eggs.  Keeping it simple and do not overdo anything.  This will include the basic rule of avoiding processed foods, sugars, too much salt in your food, sugary drinks, etc.

Drink enough water:  Your body needs water for performing all bodily functions, including, acting as a solvent, it carries nutrients, regulates your temperature and detoxifies.  Keeping yourself hydrated can have a profound influence on your vitality, energy levels and mental alertness.

Absorb lots of sunlight during the summer months:  Vitamin D is made through sunlight falling on your skin.  Vitamin D has a wide spectrum of benefits for your body and can reduce the risk of several cancers, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, heart disease, etc.  It also improves the body’s immune function.

Get enough sleep:  Enough sleep can do wonders for your body.  It has the ability to optimise mental and physical health and is linked with a reduced risk for chronic disease and longevity.  Log off on the computer and shut down the TV earlier, might be all that is needed to get more sleep.

Exercise regularly:  Many useful exercises can be done at home.  Go for a walk around the neighbourhood.  No need for going to the gym, when you go for regular walks.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness:  giving kindness, in whichever way, a message or a phone call, is good for the giver and the receiver, alike.

Practice the art of appreciation:  appreciate those around you, friends, and family and then also, appreciate everything nature gives us in abundance.  The green of the trees, beautiful flowers, birds, bees, butterflies, the blue skies and so much more.  Our mood can be lifted by talking to friends and family or looking at a wonderful landscape or sunset.

A positive mental attitude, good relationships, stay in contact with family and friends, be active in your community and be mindful what you eat and drink, is easy, simple acts that can take you to better health and wellness.

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