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Psycho-education-What are the Purpose and Possible Outcomes?

Psycho-education is the process of providing education to persons that are diagnosed with mental illnesses, as well as to their family members.  The goal is to better equip families with mentally ill siblings through information regarding the illness and to help them better understand mental health conditions.  It will help them become accustomed to living with their ill sibling.

Many individuals, who have a psychosis, or mental health condition, know little or nothing about their illness, or about the therapy, and what they can expect from the therapy.  They also do not know the effect of the prescribed medication.  Psycho-education works towards changing those negatives.

The Purpose, or goal, of Psycho-education:

  1. Help people better understand Mental Health Conditions.
  2. Provides Information and Support to cope and become accustomed to living with illness.

The Possible Outcomes of Psycho-education:

  1. Teaches patients and family members problem solving and communication skills.
  2. Improves Family well-being, it lowers relapse rates and improves recovery.

Psycho-education is a therapeutic intervention for patients and their loved ones.  Psycho-education is most often used in association with serious mental illness, including schizophrenia, dementia, anxiety disorders, psychotic illnesses, depression and personality disorders.  However, it is also being used in programs that address the same problems in serious physical illnesses, like cancer.

Knowing and thoroughly understanding the challenges that they are facing, knowing the internal and external resources and having knowledge of his of hers coping abilities, will teach each their own area of strength.  All, the patient and the family, will feel more in control of the conditions.  They will be better equipped to deal with difficulties and have a greater internal capacity to achieve mental well-being and emotional health.

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