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A rather large percentage of the population has at least one sibling that suffers from a Psychosis or Mental Illness.  Siblings, that is, brothers, and sisters and also other family members, share a common social, cultural and genetic heritage.  When one sibling develops a mental illness, the sibling relationship can be influenced, greatly.

A research study done into the needs of siblings with a mentally ill brother or sister showed that they are in need of accessible educational information on psychosis, peer support, practical coping strategies as well as management strategies for psychotic signs and symptoms.  They need practical ways to help their ill brother or sister.

Siblings reported a whole range of emotions when living with a mentally ill sibling, for example, guilt, worry, loneliness and stigma, which can affect their own health and well-being.  Some also reported finding and developing resilience within themselves and in their families.

Many people still regard psychosis, or mental illness, as a shame, something to hide and not talk about.  We aim to design and develop an online resource that is focused on siblings of people that are affected by psychosis.  We address the needs of siblings through providing a comprehensive online source that will give relevant information and advice.

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